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Sarawak Premium Bird Nest and Sarawak Pepper.  


Sarawak (North West region of Borneo) is the famous states for the production of natural edible cave bird nest in Malaysia. Our products are

harvested from natural caves in Baram area, the northern interior region of Sarawak, East Malaysia. These nests are well known for their premium

qualities with it distinctive taste, texture and natural flavour. It is 100% guaranteed pure and original.


We also supply processed Baram nest which is free from H2O2, SO2, SO3 and other chemicals used to enhance the

quality. We promise in the process of cleaning every piece of nest.


Our Baram nest is 100% Pure GUARANTEED-Moisture Free, No Bleaching Agent, No Additive, No Preservative, No Flavouring, No Artificail Colouring,

No Chemicals and Natural Processing.


Various types of Baram nest ranging from White nest, Golden (or Yellow) Nest to Red Nest are available in loose pieces, broken pieces,

stripes, cup-shape, and pancake form. We ensure customer satisfaction by our product due to its pureness and superior quality.



砂拉越位于北婆罗洲西部地区,有许多的天然石洞盛产燕窝, 久已闻名世界。我们的燕窝乃采摘自马来西亚东马砂拉越北部内陆地区的巴南天然洞穴。砂拉越出产的巴南洞燕窝乃明朝郑和进贡的婆罗洲八大宝之一。巴南燕窝以其独特的味道,口感,天然口味的品质闻名。我们所销售的巴南洞燕绝对100%天然纯正。




Beside bird nest, we do carry premium Sarawak pepper.

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